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Online Behavioral Advertising

One of our alert readers let me know about this last week:

"Learn about Online Behavioral Advertising: If you're an online user, you can find out more about online behavioral advertising and how it helps provide you with more relevant advertising on the websites you visit. You'll learn how online advertising supports the free content, products and services you use online; what choices you have; and how to use browser controls to enhance your privacy."

The more important thing (at least, to me) was finding out how to opt-out of this nonsense! There's a link that will allow you to opt-out with over 70 companies tracking you to advertise like this.

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Lost Money

"This Could be Costing You Money"

I received the following email from a reader last week. This reader lives in Canada:


Why do so damn many U.S. forms have places to select different countries, provinces, etc., and then don't accept the form because they say the postal code isn't valid? They set it up for U.S. codes (idiots) or, maybe, on purpose but I sure get sick of it.



I understand Vic's frustration! But, I don't think this is done purposely. I think it's probably that the form software being used on these sites is at fault.

So, if you have an online business, I would strongly suggest you check your online forms for taking mailing addresses. Be sure they are NOT so proprietary they'll only take U.S. zip codes.

You probably don't want to lose all business outside the USA!

More Lost Freedoms

"Loss of Nutritional Supplements "

If you take supplements, and you missed last week's email article, please check out these two links. The subject is the proposed new laws from the FDA.

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FDA Draft for Comments

The pharmaceutical industry is clearly behind that whole deal! Take away our supplements - we become ill more easily - then, they sell more drugs. And, most of the best supplements have been discovered since 1994.

I'm especially pissed because I avoid prescription drugs like the plague. I admit to taking one to stop smoking a few years ago. But, I decided to continue smoking was probably more of a risk than taking a pharmaceutical for 90 days. It still felt like it was a gamble - but, one I took.

Even so, I nearly gagged every time I had to take that damn pill! And, if you're wondering why I'll take a supplement when I won't take a prescription drug, it's because supplements are NATURAL. They aren't made from harmful chemicals.

Years and years ago, I believe pharmaceutical drugs were relatively safe. But, once they got into the greed business, human life became expendable. Cure one thing; create another. Get the money at all costs!

Losing the freedom to take natural supplements over dangerous chemicals is something I will fight with every breath in my body!

PLEASE let the FDA know how YOU feel at either of the sites below:



BTW - to keep up on our loss of MANY of our freedoms, send the email below to subscribe to "Just Sayin' ..."

Just_Sayin-on@Mail-List.com - or visit:

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Internet Sales Tax

"More Taxes for Onliine Business"

This affects both online business owners and consumers. Several states have decided to raise their income by forcing sales tax to be charged (and paid to the state) on all internet sales.

Until this started, sales tax was only due if the online business owner had a physical presence in the state of the consumer. Now, they want the tax, no matter where the merchant is located, when the customer is in the state.

Hopefully, someone will sue them regarding it being unconstitutional. But, then, Congress may very well change the Constitution! Can you imagine every online business owner having to file quarterly sales tax returns to every state? UGH!

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