Truth in Advertising

"About The Supremes and ObamaCare ..."

Of course, the Justices lined up along political lines! Was anyone really naïve enough to believe this wouldn't be the outcome? Except Chief Justice, John Roberts.

They (the media) just can't stop talking, and speculating, about his opinion – which decided the outcome. Yet, nowhere, so far, have I heard what is so obvious to me.

As things stand, and before ObamaCare ever existed, folks are required to join Medicare at age 65 unless they have other "qualified" insurance (Again, a requirement!). If someone has decided not to collect their Social Security until age 70, it doesn't matter.

If you don't sign up for Medicare at age 65 (or have other "qualified" insurance), you are fined 10% of the payment for every year you delay. How do they collect that fine? They take it straight out of your Social Security payment when you do start collecting Social Security.

And, they don't take it out for the number of years you didn't obey and sign up. They take it every month for the rest of your life!

This is absolutely no different than requiring people to buy insurance. Medicare is insurance. And, even though you may have paid into Medicare since it came into existence, you will continue to pay even more once you sign up.

So, John Roberts simply had an attack of common sense. We already have forced buying of insurance and we already have a penalty for not doing it. And, it's been rolling along, uncontested, for years. The Court really had no choice.

Had they declared the mandate illegal, millions (if not billions) of dollars in fines would have had to be refunded to seniors! So, now we call it a “tax” and that solves the whole problem.

Once the opinion came down, both political parties jumped on it, trying to bend it to their own advantage. You know – if product owners can't lie in their advertising – why is it okay for political candidates to lie? Their facts are easily checked.

Check the Facts

Truth in advertising should count in politics, too. The outright lies are disgusting. I'd rather have Maybelline use false eyelashes on their mascara models (which they do) then have these political slimebags get away with lying.

You can clearly see those false eyelashes. The problem is, people believe what they want to believe when it comes to politics and the facts be damned! WHY are there no laws about truth in politics?

Oh, that's right - it could never be put in front of The Supremes, 'cause they seem to lie at the same rate as everyone else in politics. And, they are in politics!

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