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"Loss of Nutritional Supplements "

If you take supplements, and you missed last week's email article, please check out these two links. The subject is the proposed new laws from the FDA.

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FDA Draft for Comments

The pharmaceutical industry is clearly behind that whole deal! Take away our supplements - we become ill more easily - then, they sell more drugs. And, most of the best supplements have been discovered since 1994.

I'm especially pissed because I avoid prescription drugs like the plague. I admit to taking one to stop smoking a few years ago. But, I decided to continue smoking was probably more of a risk than taking a pharmaceutical for 90 days. It still felt like it was a gamble - but, one I took.

Even so, I nearly gagged every time I had to take that damn pill! And, if you're wondering why I'll take a supplement when I won't take a prescription drug, it's because supplements are NATURAL. They aren't made from harmful chemicals.

Years and years ago, I believe pharmaceutical drugs were relatively safe. But, once they got into the greed business, human life became expendable. Cure one thing; create another. Get the money at all costs!

Losing the freedom to take natural supplements over dangerous chemicals is something I will fight with every breath in my body!

PLEASE let the FDA know how YOU feel at either of the sites below:



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