Last Week's Rant

Rant Response

As expected, I received a lot of email after last week's newsletter. All but one were completely supportive. Many folks, other than me, apparently don't understand this madness, either.

Let's address the one that wasn't so supportive. The fact was pointed out that I was railing about all the pervasive hatred and rage in the world right now. I was asked how that was different from my own rants - past and present.

That probably deserves a response ...

When I write a “rant,” I'm not necessarily emotionally involved in it. Although, if humans or other living beings are being harmed, i.e. pharmaceutical companies killing people for the BIG BUCK - then I AM mad.

I speak my mind and feel I've lived on this planet long enough, and have enough experience - in enough areas - to do that. But, the truth is most of my rants are basically show business.

Much of it is done for entertainment, since it rarely changes anything. It just makes folks think - and maybe chuckle. That doesn't mean I don't mean what I say. I'm just not as angry as I probably “sound.” I can stand outside it for the purposes of the article.

I may refer to types of people as pond scum, bottom feeders, jack-legs, etc., but that isn't usually personal. Although I do remember one guy who referred to himself as a jack-ass and I heartily agreed with him. And, I seem to remember calling some politicians criminals, but that's just a fact. Apparently, it's a requirement for any political position.

Real anger is about the only thing that can make me physically ill. Anger is death energy - it kills. And, yet, I feel myself soaking up these energies of rage and anger. Frankly, it gets harder and harder for me to stay centered - even when I see what's going on.

There was a time when I didn't believe in evil; I thought it was just misguided behavior. Well, in the overall scheme of reality, it may be, but now, I'm not so sure, any more.

Pedophilia being supported by religion is flat evil. Yeah - I know the perp is wired that way. But adulthood brings the ability to control your actions. If pedophiles won't control their actions - it's evil. Period.

I do NOT understand what would make a person so fearful of their church that they would continue to participate in, and support, it knowing this is the case with their leaders. I've heard, “Well, it's only a few, and it is not condoned by the church.”

Oh yeah? Then, why does the church maintain an entire department of a huge risk-management firm in this country to deal with their lawsuits? I know that for a fact because a family member of mine was put in charge of that department.

As soon as she saw what she was involved with, she refused to do that job. In fact, she no longer works for that company. Raised that one right! But, I digress ...

When these types of behaviors are simply accepted, what does it say about our humanity? When we accept - and we DO accept as long as we don't put a STOP to it - these types of horrendous crimes against children, why are we surprised that our world is turning into one giant crime scene?

That is one of the extremes. Just one! I've come to expect it in any large organization. The crap that truly STUNS me are the small things ...

Martha Raye

Last week, I received an email with a story about Martha Raye. Some of you will know who she was - others won't. She was a magnificent and well-loved entertainer.

The article talked about Ms Raye being a Bird Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, as well as a nurse with a surgery specialty. She helped out in the Army Field Hospitals, and is the only woman buried in the SF (Special Forces) cemetery at Ft. Bragg.

I never knew any of that, and I imagine a lot of other folks didn't either. It was a neat story!

However ... whoever wrote that email had to add at the top:

“Most of the old time entertainers were made out of a lot sterner stuff than today's crop of activists and whiners.”

And, at the bottom:

“Martha Raye was CLASS! Not what we have today in Hollywood.”

The entire article was cheapened and detracted from by those two unnecessary and nasty comments!

Never mind the tremendous number of those in the entertainment business who do fabulous things for others in the world. And, I mean hands-on help!

If it isn't specifically for our troops - and WAR and DEATH, instead of humanity in general - and PEACE and LIFE, it's to be slammed. Ask me if I'm surprised!

This idiot, who obviously thinks all folks in the entertainment business, today, are “tree-huggers” just couldn't pass up a chance to take a shot. Two shots.

I couldn't think of anything more disrespectful to Ms Raye. I'm sure she'd have rather skipped the accolade if it had to tear down her fellow entertainers.

And, dear hearts - this is the NORM, today - NOT the exception!

I know some folks who refuse to see anything but the positive. That's commendable, and we don't need to expect the worst. But, if you aren't realistic, things you refuse to see can sneak right up and bite you in the butt. Not seeing them doesn't mean they aren't there!

Business Notes

"Thieves on the Web"

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for any organization to make a dent in cleaning up the internet. So many scams - so many "business owners" who have no intention of treating their customers with anything other than contempt - so much BS ... And, so much theft!

In just a short period of time, I have personally known three online business owners who have had their web sites stolen! Their entire web sites - good GRIEF!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. You can also find your articles, sales copy, ad copy, ebooks and reports, software, other products, graphics and images, and even your ezine stolen!

Unfortunately, the theft itself is only the beginning of the problem. One victim was advised by several people to, "just leave it alone ... let it go."

In a pig's wazoo! For one thing - why do we bother to put a copyright mark on our work if it isn't going to mean anything? For another - she could soon find her own products stolen right along with the site design.

If your intellectual property is stolen - you need to get that stolen material off the Web! In one of the instances mentioned above, the product WAS actually stolen - right along with the entire web site - and was being sold by the thief. He even used the same credit card provider as the real owner!

In addition to all this, the thief then proceeded to market the product using "spam." Is this something you should just "leave alone?" I don't think so!

A thief is a thief is a thief. This person isn't going to have an ounce of ethics. You can bet you're dealing with someone whose reputation will soon be in the toilet. Do you want your property associated with this? Believe me, sooner or later, it will rub off on you!

In this case, the thief's web host refused to ban the stolen site. Even with undeniable evidence that the owner had both his domain name and his site up first! Even though the thief had been reported for "spam" by an outside source! What do to next?

Even when the web host cooperates, the job isn't finished. In fact, your job starts before something is stolen. And, it isn't over just because one web host shuts the pirate down. He could simply get a new web host and put it all back up.

Now granted, getting rid of this guy can take some work, energy and stamina on the part of the victim. But, let it go?

Well, I suppose you could. But how much are your web site - your products - and your reputation - worth to you?

Business Tips

"What? No Telephone?"

I recently saw an interesting shop down the street. The next day, I tried to call to see if they carried something I wanted. But, I couldn't do it. They had no telephone number listed.

Do you believe that? Well, don't! It wouldn't happen with an off-line business.

Every brick and mortar company has a telephone number for receiving business calls. Can you even imagine a business with no way for customers to contact them by phone? What kind of business is that?

Yet, what do we have on the Internet?

We have people setting up home-based businesses. Then, they seem to feel that since they are working from a home office, they don't want to provide a telephone number on their web sites. What's the thinking here?

Some online business owners believe that they will be inundated with hundreds of calls per day and receive telephone calls from cranks. Not true. Only a tiny percentage of your web site visitors will ever call you. And you'll probably get just about as many crank calls as you would with an unlisted private number from cranks dialing randomly.

If you do get a crank call? That thing in your hand has a disconnect button - use it!

Some people work online during hours that may not be considered "business hours." They don't work 9 to 5. So what? Any business can set its own business hours and they can be anything you wish. Post your hours - and the time zone!

Oh, they'll just call anyway - day or night? So turn on Voice Mail after hours. What's the problem?

One person actually told me that she "hates the phone." This person objected to answering the same questions that were answered on the web site. All I can say to that is, "Then, get out of business." You can't build a company without customer interaction. If you don't like people, then you'd better get out of marketing!

At least in the USA, most land line telephone companies have a service called, "Personalized Ring" - or "Distinctive Ring." They give you a second number for about $6 per month. It uses your main line - but when a call comes in on that number, the telephone rings differently from your main number. Hark! A business call! You can now answer your telephone with your company name - and you don't even have to answer "after hours."

How can you run a business without allowing potential customers - or business associates - to contact you personally? You can't. If you refuse to provide a telephone number, trust me, smart people will refuse to do business with you!

If you expect your business to be taken seriously, you need to take that telephone seriously and provide a number on your web site. If you refuse to provide a telephone number, don't try to tell me you HAVE a business! You don't. No legitimate business hides from potential customers and/or business associates!

Same ol' rule of thumb: How to they do it down on Main Street? Are you in business - or not?

Business Tip

"CEO of WHAT?"

I once became quite upset with the Executive Vice President of a bank. An iCop member was speaking with him regarding her new business. The business is a sole proprietorship - so she was wondering what title to give herself.

Again, her company is a sole-proprietorship. She is not incorporated! Yet, the V.P. told her to use the titles, "President and CEO."


This lady is very serious about her business and was seeking information on a number of things. She didn't need this kind of bad advice!

This is a good question for everyone, however, since titles are so misused online by people trying to throw their importance around. I am underwhelmed and unimpressed with it. Good grief! Who cares? Don't these people know how that makes them look to anyone who is business savvy?

Please don't make yourself look unprofessional in your online business by using phony titles! "CEO" (Chief Executive Officer) and "President" indicate an organization which has formal officers. The President may, or may not, be the CEO.

If your business is not incorporated, with formal officers of the corporation listed - don't use them! Even a Limited Liability Company (LLC) does not have officers.

In your role as a consumer - look at the company name. Is it followed by, "Inc." or one of the other indications of incorporation?

If not, and the sales pitch is signed by a "CEO" or "President" - you're dealing with someone who is either trying to convince you their company is something it is not - or someone who doesn't have much knowledge of the real business world.

There is nothing wrong with, "Owner." At least it's honest!

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