So, Now We See it CAN be Done!

Ever since blogs became popular online, “monetizing” a blog has become fodder for those who writing and selling “How to ...” information for making money online. As with everything else, a few have made it work and most haven't.

AOL's recent purchase of "The Huffington Post" for $315 million from Arianna Huffington drove home the point.

HuffPost, of course was never billed as an actual blog. It's stated purpose is an internet newspaper. And, it is. Nevertheless, it was operated like a blog with readers given free access to comment on every article.

Nothing is ever done online without controversy. Apparently some of the writers who contributed free articles to HuffPost aren't thrilled about this acquisition.

However, it's about much more than a simple purchase. As part of the deal, Arianna Huffington will now be in charge of all AOL's content.

Since Huffington has already established herself as television personality, there's much more involved here than the simple purchase of an internet newspaper. Her popularity on talk shows can do nothing but raise AOL's visibility and reputation.

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